sales windows 7 beat Mc OS

Windows 7 running through the 5 percent stake last weekend. Achievements made, particularly as the market share of Mac OS X version of Apple's.

According to Net Applications, in two days at the end of last week, Windows 7 and 5 increased approximately 5.14 percent of all computers connected to the internet during the day. Average in two days, which reached 5.07 higher than the Apple operating system on November 15-21 and averaged only 5 percent used by Internet users.

"You can say that the daily market share of Windows 7 was above the average weekly market share of Mac," said Vince Vizzaccaro, Executive Vice President of Net Applications, in PCWorld, November 29, 2009.

Unfortunately, no complete Net Applications reports the average daily use for Mac OS X compared to Windows 7 Raihan obtained at the weekend.

If Windows 7 in comparison to Mac OS X in the period 15-21 November, Microsoft's operating system only reached 4.15 percent, still below that Apple has been 5 percent.

But Vizzaccaro sure Windows 7 Mac OS X will exceed the average daily or weekly. "If you see a trend graph, Windows 7 will go beyond the Mac market share in the near future," he said.

Net Applications also noted that the market share of Windows 7 release a stable rise after October 22, 2009. A week after its release, OS is 2.7 percent more than the market. Fig rose to 3.3 percent in the second week, and 3.7 and 4 percent in the coming weeks.

For information, the total market share in the past Windows 15-21 November last year reached 92.64 percent, up slightly compared with the month of October is in the range of 92.52 percent.

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