Knowing Microsoft Media Center in Windows 7

Operating system windows 7 (seven) have been issued several months ago. This operating system provides several new features that are not on windows operating system predecessor. This time I will give a description of a new feature in windows seven-named "Windows Media Center". I think that name was taken because of this one application can be made to do several things at once.

Microsoft Media Center is a new feature provided by microsoft on the Windows operating system 7. With this application users can be inherent in the use of computers pampered especially in doing things that most computer users do is listen to music, watching video or movies, see pictures or photos.

Most computer users would like to listen to music while using the computer. With Microsoft Media Center application plays music not only be pleased with the music we play, but also we will be spoiled with the appearance of Microsoft's Media Center is so beautiful and full of animation. Not only had the privilege of Microsoft's Media Center in windows seven, we can see a photo or a picture, watch a movie or video, listen to the radio, watch television and also if we have to install a radio and TV Tunner on our computers.

In Windows media center there are several menus that will help us in accordance with mengelompokan file extension or type. And in the menu there are several sub-menus according to the previous menu. Here are the menus and sub menus contained in the WMC by default:

1. Extras Extras
2. Pictures + Videos
o Picture library
o Play favorites
o Video library
3. Musik
o Musik library
o Play favorites
o Radio
o search
4. Now Playing
5. Movie
o Movie library
o Play DVD
6. TV
o Recorded TV
o Live TV setup
7. Tasks
o Shut down
o Setting
o Learn more
o Burn CD/DVD
o Sync
o Add extended
o Media Only

Here is one of the display when playing a musical and we have menseting and put all the music files we have on the hard drive into Windows Media Center libraries. For how to do setting or enter the music files, video, pictures, photos, etc. I will explain in the next posting.

And the following picture is the view when we see pictures of our collection.

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