Shortcuts in Windows 7(Seven)

We know a few shortcuts on the operating system before Windows 7. In this new operating system windows to add some new shortcut that will facilitate and accelerate our work. This is also because of some new features provided by Windows 7. Here are some keyboard shortcuts in Windows Seven,

1. Windows Key + E
Opening the Windows Explorer
2. Windows Key + R
Calling the Run Command
3. Windows Key + F
4. Windows Key + Tab
To move the window. Shortcut is similar to when we use the Alt + Tab, just a difference in terms of appearance.

5. Windows Key + T
Calling taskbar view application.
Enabling taskbar application running.

6. Windows Key + Shift
This shortcut will run features peeking (peek) that will help us to see the desktop with a flash. All of the active window will be made transparent if the feature is enabled.

7. - Windows Key + up: Maksimize active window
- Windows Key + Down: Minimize active window

- Windows Key + Righ: active window becomes half of the screen on the right

- WIndows Key + Left: active windows becomes half of the screen on the left
8. Windows Key + D
This shortcut is used to display the desktop.
Windows Key + M
Seven windows shortcut is used for meminimize all active windows.
Windows Key + L
To Lock a computer
Windows Key + P
Activate windows projector settings

Windows Key + up (in Windows Explorer)
Go up one level
13. Windows Key + Left/Right(in windows explorer)
Back or forward

Hopefully with more and more keyboard shortcuts in Windows Seven (7) our work easier and faster using Windows 7.
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