Changing the Start Button Icon in windows 7

When I try to change icon windows 7 start button several times failed, without desperately kept trying eventually succeeded. So after work I'll try to share the following tips to readers of all.

To be able to change the start button icon on the windows 7, previously must have software "Restorator". And for the download version you can open trialnya this link because it is paid software. In addition, you must provide a picture that will be used to replace the icons start button. Images are used to look like the picture below. And if you are interested in using my images you provide enough to save the image file below.

After all the ingredients prepared it is time to create.
1. Open explorer.exe which is in the folder C: \ Windows with Restorator. And before any further editing I suggest you to backup/copy explorer.exe file.
2. Once opened and point to the bitmap, so it looks like the following will

3. In the bitmap folder are 16 files, to change the icon we just need to make changes to the files 6801, 6805, and 6809. To change the image right click on the file 6801 - Asign ... – Asign to... - Asign to .... As shown in the following figure, and if you want to save the default image inherited from the windows 7, you select Extract ..

4. The next step is looking for images that will be used.
5. As I mentioned earlier, for the change we must change the image as much as 3 times that in 6801 files, 6805, 6809. To replace the files 6805 and 6809 the same pace as when changing the picture in 6801 files.
6. If the file is changed to 3 pictures, then save and close the Restorator.
7. The last step, or simply restart the computer and then log logof again. And survived the change has occurred.

From experience I was having a problem when saving the edited explorer.exe using Restorator. This can happen for the user because they do not have access to change or make changes to the file explorer.exe. And if this happens to you, you can change the user permissions to be able to edit the explorer.exe file. If you do not know how to change or edit the user permissions you read my previous article.

No time has shown its terrace 03.15 o'clock in the morning and I have not closed my eyes. So little knowledge can I share for this time. Hopefully tricks replace start button icon on the windows 7 can be useful.
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