NFC payments growing, word of Eric Schmidt and Google

NFC payments growing, word of Eric Schmidt and Google - Eric Schmidt , until a few months as CEO of Google and even bigwig company in Mountain View, has returned to the theme of payments via NFC during the "Lions International Festival of Creativity" in Cannes. The manager reiterated his belief that technology will experience a real boom in the coming years. Meanwhile continues its spread in the United States , thanks to the push by Google, which launched its electronic wallet .

The NFC continues to expand, according to figures provided by Google are about 124 thousand stores in America that allow this type of payment, a figure that rises to 311 000 whereas the entire planet. These numbers are bound to rise if, after Mastercard , the other companies that deal with the issue of payment cards will follow the path indicated by Google with its wallet. The path traced is to allow payments PayPass , made ​​approaching the device equipped with NFC chips to a player set up inside the store, a type of payment for expenses up to 25, does not require either PIN or signature.

Meanwhile, on the other hand Google continues to push on the accelerator . In summer, the experiment will involve a series of stores in major metropolitan coastal U.S., from New York to Los Angeles, and the ability to exploit the NFC will become a cornerstone of all devices running Android. The debut, remember, took place last December with the Gingerbread Nexus S , manufactured by Samsung for Google.

Another thrust, however, may come from the main competitor of Google in the market of smartphones and Tablet: Apple . It seems increasingly likely that the next iPhone 5 exploits the NFC and this could be the stimulus for the final take-off distance payments.
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